December 22, 2022

Improving Brain Health – Ep.73

Founder of BrainPOP Sierra Hooshiari shares how recovering from a traumatic injury inspired her […]
December 14, 2022

International Empowerment – Ep.72

Stephanie Fuentes shares her experiences interning for The United Nations and working on designing […]
December 7, 2022

Community Policing and Rebuilding Relationships – Ep.71

Police chief Sekou Millington shares how he uses his platform to reconnect the relationship […]
November 30, 2022

Building Resilience – Ep.70

Jacob Davenport shares his journey embarking on a career in real estate to owning […]
November 23, 2022

Building Self-eSTEM – Ep.69

Executive Director Adamaka Ajaelo shares how her organization, Self-eSTEM, seeks to break systemic barriers […]
November 17, 2022

Art With a Mission – Ep.68

Co-founder of Mission Art 415 Lisa Brewer shares how her gallery helped uplift her […]
February 15, 2022

Shifting Your Mindset – Ep.43

Coach and Author of Un-Civil-ized, Greg Brinkley explains how personality profiling impacts workplace productivity, […]
February 3, 2022

Strategic Social Impact – Ep.42

Founder of Good Worx, Kristyn Nimmo joins the show to discuss engaging with partners […]
January 29, 2022

Intentionality & DEI – Ep.41

Kathy Kimotek discusses the importance of intentionality when leveraging Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Kimotek […]
January 20, 2022

Using The Narrative Method – Ep.40

Shari Foos joins the show to discuss the practice of relational awareness and how […]
January 8, 2022

Reflections of Kwanzaa – Ep.39

Harabi gani! Melyssa Barrett is joined by a panel of practitioners, Chirs Brinkley, James […]
December 8, 2021

Empowering Diversity – Ep.38

Linda Perry, Diane Faro and Holli Targan discuss their mission to create Wnet and […]
November 24, 2021

Education & Inclusion – Ep.37

Jacalyn Davis explains her work as coordinator of equality and access and how her […]
November 17, 2021

Becoming Agile – Ep.36

Trinita Carlton explains how to embrace inclusive culture when approaching product management. Carlton discusses […]
November 10, 2021

Global Reflection – Ep.35

Head of Global Reflection at UniWorld Group, Douglas Freeman explains how companies can transform […]